Tuesday, August 19, 2014

diy Wallpaper Drawer Accents

Measure drawers.
Remove knobs.
Measure and cut wallpaper to fit drawers.
Cover drawer face in contact cement or glue of your choice. Make sure to cover all edges thoroughly.
Cover drawer in wallpaper cut out.
Cut off any excess wallpaper from around the edges and smooth down completely.
Optional: add fun new drawer pulls to top drawers.
Measure and mark where to drill new holes for new pulls.
Carefully drill holes.

Hey guys! Ever since I moved into my new place, I've been itching to do tons of fun DIYs to decorate my apartment! Here's a super simple way to customize your furniture! Just find some fun printed wallpaper (I found this colorful toile print on Etsy!), and add it to the drawers of a desk, dresser, or vanity for a custom look! 
If you don't want to use wallpaper, adding fun new drawer pulls is also a good way to give a cute custom finish to a plain piece of furniture!
Have fun, and comment if you'd like to see more DIY projects!