Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's Explore the Great Outdoors

Outside the Madonna Inn.
At the bay.
Watch out, mermaid crossing.
Tommy being pretty with his big blue eyes.
Playing with the rescued sea lions.

While in San Luis Obispo last weekend, Tommy and I took a daytrip to Morrow Bay to go kayaking with the sea lions. I couldn't help but take some portraits of Tommy with his blue eyes literally glowing in the sun.
I had never kayaked before, and I soon learned that arm strength is a must. I failed miserably in that department. When we reached the sea lions though, it was well worth it.

Skull top: Wild Fox Couture
Bow beanie: Forever21 
Pink flannel: thrifted

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

"The lights left rings in her eyes, glowing like constellations in the night. Roses framed her head like a halo, with lavender tendrils hanging beneath. Lace the corset tighter, tighter, yellow ribbons up her back. Sitting in her tower, waiting for her cake."

Flower crown: DIY
Pastel corset, ruffle shorts, and stockings: eBay
White patent pumps: T.U.K. Shoes
Lime Crime Cosmetics "Aquaetania" palette, "China Doll" palette, "Coquette" lipstick.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Painting the Roses Red

The sun was setting but the day was far from over. She picked the brightest red roses off of the thorniest branches and fashioned a crown worthy of any Seelie Court Queen. She painted her face with the color of fresh winter berries; crimson, purple, black. She frolicked and danced until the sun was set, leaving the flowers to wilt in the night.

"Alphonse Mucha inspired" head dress - DIY, made custom for Rachel Lynch of ihateblonde.com
Lime Crime Cosmetics "Alchemy" palette, "China Doll" palette, "Dragon Scales" magic dust.