Monday, February 24, 2014

Gypsy Princess

She'll steal away your heart, and before you feel its absence, she'll have blown into the next town on a breeze. She wears her treasures, for she must travel lightly. She steps softly, hiding in the rays of the sun. At first glance, she's a ghost; a memory from the past, but if you're lucky enough to get a deeper glimpse into her soul, you will see the dim flicker of pain she buries with a smile. She loves deeply and madly, and is as fragile as the wing of a butterfly, but not easily broken. She is the gypsy princess, on the run with no plans to stop.

wardrobe/styling/jewelry by julietsdream
makeup by Zach Marquez
shot at Griffith Park


  1. Soooo beautiful! You are lucky to have such a good photographer (and they are lucky to have such a good model!). I'd like to live my life as a whimsical fairy creature too.

    I was wondering if you have your blog on Bloglovin'? It would be much easier to follow your posts on there and I'm sure you'd get new readers. :3

  2. It's so beautiful! And you are beautiful :) I just adore your style and your hair! ugh I want to spend forever in your fairy tale land :)